What Does a Buffalo Hump Have in Common with Your Double Chin?

Buffalo Hump

Portrait Of A Mature Man Smiling At The CameraThe buffalo hump and a double chin are both pads of fat that increase the dimensions of your neck, giving some people a distinctly Incredible Hulk-ish look. Some might find it sexy (mainly fans of Lou Ferrigno). However, if you are less than comfortable with the overall aesthetic of your above-the-shoulder body, you have options. Well, one really great option: liposuction.

Lumps and Bumps

First of all, what exactly is a buffalo hump? It’s the less-than-appealing lump of fat situated between the shoulders right at the base of the neck. This could be a sign of a serious medical issue (like Cushing’s disease), the result of a whiplash-like injury or develop due to obesity.

Now, the buffalo hump might just be displeasing to look at, or it can impact your ability to sit or stand upright and even limit your range of motion. If your little hump is essentially a byproduct of excess weight (combined with poor posture) that hasn’t disappeared once that weight is lost, it can be still reduced dramatically.

Getting Over Your Hump

Some people find different types of physical therapy helpful, particularly if the buffalo hump has led to clear postural issues. Yoga can be beneficial, as can chiropractic procedures. However, only one method literally removes the fat pad directly, and that’s our good friend liposuction. Finally, a way to permanently eliminate fat cells from those weird problem areas that diet and exercise can’t touch with a 10-foot pole.

Don’t live your life in a permanent S-curve. An experienced plastic surgeon can help you slim out your inner buffalo and de-Hulkify your frame.

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