Laser Hair Removal

What Do Laser Hair Removal and Kim Kardashian Have in Common?

Laser Hair Removal

Glamorous legs Body hair and Kim Kardashian are both irritating facts of life that we wish we didn’t ever have to endure. On the upside, as least we have laser hair removal to eliminate body hair. Kim Kardashian… well, we seem to be stuck with her.

It turns out that Kim herself is a big fan of LHR, and credits this med spa procedure for her refreshed new look rather than plastic surgery.

Yeah, Right. “Laser Hair Removal.”

Now, don’t get us wrong—laser hair removal is great, but it won’t make your nose look more refined or diminish your double chin, no matter how substantial the amount of body hair removed may be.

In case you were hoping against hope that there is merit to Kim Kardashian’s claim that laser hair removal is the cause of her slightly altered features, let us disabuse you of that notion. Here are some things laser hair removal won’t achieve:

  • Smaller nose
  • Bigger boobs
  • Weight loss
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Fine line and wrinkle reduction

LHR also won’t make you taller or whiten your teeth. Sorry to shatter any dreams.

The good news is, laser hair removal can be a great thing, and depending upon where you want the excess hair removed, you might notice a few subtle and pleasant differences. You can reconfigure your hairline, shape your eyebrows, and get rid of your lady-stache once and for all! These fixes can brighten your overall look, and help you look younger and more polished.

Since Kim Kardashian isn’t admitting to having implants or rhinoplasty, we can only speculate as to the real reasons behind significant changes in her appearance over the years. But let’s face it—LHR can only accomplish so much.

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