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Well, Now “Dolphin Skin” Is a Thing & You Ain’t No Dolphin

Dolphine Skin - RaveBabe Feb 2021

Dolphine Skin - RaveBabe Feb 2021Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought to yourself, “Man, I sure wish I looked more like a dolphin.”

Yeah, me too.

Or maybe not. But either way, dolphin skin is one the biggest Instagram beauty trends in the last year. 

Sounds Cruel, What Is It?

OK, so despite the name, no dolphins were harmed in the making of this trend. In fact, it doesn’t involve dolphins at all. 

We can all breathe a sigh of relief.

Despite the name, no dolphins are actually involved in the creation of dolphin skin. It’s just a bunch of makeup.

The dolphin skin trend is all about the makeup. The goal is shiny skin that looks like you might expect from someone just stepping out of the pool: glistening, sun-kissed and, well, a little dolphin-like. 

The weird name was coined by makeup artist Mary Phillips, who is an ambassador for Iconic London. This look became one of their signatures thanks to her, and it has since bled over into social media. 

You might recall a few years ago when the glass skin trend started. Dolphin skin is pretty similar, except with this one, you are supposed to be able to get the look through makeup alone — no skin care routine required. 

Yeah, sure.

Listen, makeup can be legit magic, but we all know it looks better when you give it the best canvas possible. So what can you do to get the dolphin look when you ain’t no dolphin?


Got lines and wrinkles? Caking on the primer and foundation can help only to a certain degree. At some point, the cracks begin to show. If you want that dolphin look from your makeup, start by smoothing your skin. A little strategic BOTOX can help turn your face into the smooth canvas your products need.

Fillers and Fat Transfer

One way to get that dolphin look? Plump it up! Using fillers and fat transfers, you can restore volume to your face where you have lost it due to age. This makes your face look more youthful by giving you more rounded contours and reducing or eliminating lines and wrinkles. 


What surgery? Well, there are lots of options. Brow lifts, eye lifts, chin augmentation — pretty much anything that smooths or fills out the skin on the face. Just keep in mind with lifts that you could end up with a windblown look if you don’t also get fillers.


Microneedling is a pretty cool way to improve your skin. The needles help skin products penetrate deeper into the layers of cells, but they also trigger the body’s natural healing response. As a result, it increases collagen and elastin production as well as new cell growth, rolling back the clock for your face. 

Basically, if you want your skin as smooth as a dolphin’s dorsal fin, there are plenty of ways you can achieve that. With the right procedures and skin care routines, your makeup should be able to achieve that fresh from the pool perfection you chase. 

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Well, Now “Dolphin Skin” Is a Thing & You Ain’t No Dolphin
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Well, Now “Dolphin Skin” Is a Thing & You Ain’t No Dolphin
Are you wanting to get in on the dolphin skin trend? Plastic surgery personality RaveBabe explains which procedures can help you get the coveted look.
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