Wait, Could Liposuction Help You Ditch Fat AND Arthritis?

liposuction arthritis

liposuction arthritisLiposuction has become a pretty mainstream plastic surgery lately. Most us know by now that if you have a little extra junk in the trunk you’d like to get rid of, lipo could be your go-to treatment. But what if this body-slimming procedure could make you skinnier and take away that pesky knee pain you’ve been just coping with?

Now, doctors think you can do just that! Think you can’t possibly have both liposuction benefits at the same time? Let’s see what the science has to say.

Liposuction Just Got Even Better

A brand spanking new surgery was just performed in the UK called Lipogems. This novel treatment starts off exactly like you’re regular everyday liposuction appointment—unwanted fat cells are suctioned out of targeted areas.

Before you get too hot and bothered, keep in mind that there is still research needed to be done. But the preliminary results sure are promising.

But the next step is where things get really interesting. Instead of simply discarding the harvested fat cells or injecting them into your backside for a BBL, doctors tried injecting the fat into joints affected by arthritis.

Afterwards, MRIs showed that the body’s cartilage started to regrow on its own in the areas where the fat was injected. Why? Apparently the fat in that extra muffin top you’ve been carrying around has high concentrations of stem cells, so it can actually have a regenerative effect. Plus, fat cells seem to have anti-inflammatory properties, which makes for the perfect anti-arthritis cocktail. Pretty nifty, huh?


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Wait, Could Liposuction Help You Ditch Fat AND Arthritis?
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Wait, Could Liposuction Help You Ditch Fat AND Arthritis?
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