Waist Training: The Modern Day Corset that Makes Big Claims

Waist Training

Waist TrainingLadies, do not be fooled by this waist training business. Sure, waist training is everywhere. Even celebrities are swearing by it. But does it actually work? Not so much, medical experts suggest.

Waist Training?! More Like Waist Squishing

This is how waist training goes, supposedly. You wear a waist trainer (read: New Age corset) for a while and eventually your body will be trained to pull in at the waist and create more of an hourglass shape.

Though wearing a waist trainer may give you a sleeker figure at the time, it doesn’t actually train anything. It’s a waist squisher, not a trainer. Put one on and it’s hello Victorian era, when women gasped for breath in tight corsets that squashed their ribs and lungs. Some women even suffered crushed organs and fractured ribs.

And there aren’t any benefits. There’s no evidence that this contraption stimulates weight loss or molds your waist. In fact, it might even weaken your core strength, which is the opposite of what you want when working toward a slim waist. (More on that in a minute.)

But I Want a Trim Waist!

Of course you do. Don’t we all? And you can have it without smashing your vital organs.

For real results, take a look at your diet and see what you can do to eat healthier. Then do something active. Take a walk. Hit the gym. Play a sport. When you work out, you may want to try exercises that improve your core strength. Core training—which targets your back, glutes and abs—supports your spine and helps you look thinner.

And if diet and exercise fall short, there’s always the trusty tummy tuck or liposuction to fall back on—two proven options that are far more reliable than waist training could ever be.

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