Up Your Poker Game with Strategic BOTOX® Injections

Strategic BOTOX

Strategic BOTOXAn inability to keep a neutral facial expression under pressure can cause significant problems when playing poker, but how far would you go to achieve the perfect poker face? In order to become unreadable while considering your hand, would you prefer to practice remaining passive, or would you consider investing in a BOTOX® poker face?

Disguising Your Tells with a BOTOX® Poker Face

While it can’t do anything about any hand gestures or movements you may make which give away your hand, BOTOX® could avoid your opponents being tipped off by a very readable face. However, given the modern poker game tends to rely more on analytical skills than physical tells, you may consider BOTOX® to be a little drastic for the occasional flutter. Men, fear not, BOTOX® is not just for the women.

   Because BOTOX® works by relaxing facial muscles that can cause lines in the upper face, it’s easy to see how the idea of using it to create a perfect poker face was coined.

Should you decide BOTOX® is the key to your poker face, remember that the timing of your treatment is very important. Generally, it will take up to 2 weeks for full results to be visible and the effect will normally last for around 4 months. Not ideal for those impromptu weekend card games! The number of BOTOX® injections required to create a poker face will be based in individual factors and can be discussed with your plastic surgeon prior to the procedure. In good news for your poker-playing plans, there is no recovery time required after BOTOX®, which can be done as a simple walk-in, walk-out procedure.

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