Um, Should There Be an Applicator Mark after CoolSculpting®?!


CoolSculptingSo you’re back home after your CoolSculpting® appointment and decide to take a look at the treated area, hoping to see the first inklings of results. But instead, you see an applicator mark—dun dun dun. Before you get all horror flick crazy, know that bruising after CoolSculpting is totally normal, even if it does look like of strange at first.

Try these three tips to get bruising and redness to scram after CoolSculpting.

  1. Eat Pineapple

    As strange as it might sound, pineapple has actually been shown to help reduce bruising. It contains a special enzyme called bromelain, which essentially works as a natural anticoagulant and therefore can help with redness and bruising.

    Fun fact: bromelain is also the reason why your mouth feels all tingly when you eat pineapple.

  2. Give It Time

    Over time, bruising should clear right up all by itself.

    Okay, this one might sound too simple, but it really is important enough to be on this list. Bruising will take time to resolve itself, so don’t freak out if you look a little bit like you lost a boxing match the very next day after CoolSculpting.

  3. Talk to Your Doc

    If it’s been several weeks and you’re still not seeing an improvement in redness or bruising after CoolSculpting, give your provider a buzz. They might ask you to come into the office for a follow-up checkup, or they could even suggest laser treatments to help eliminate redness and get you your clear skin back.

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Um, Should There Be an Applicator Mark after CoolSculpting?!
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Um, Should There Be an Applicator Mark after CoolSculpting?!
Worried about bruising after CoolSculpting? Beauty blogger RaveBabe dishes out three things you can try to make bruising and redness go away.
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