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Tummy Tuck Scar Tattoos & Other Embarrassing Questions

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Tummy TuckSometimes you have questions that are a bit outside the usual “how long will my recovery be?” neighborhood. When what you’re wondering wanders into embarrassing territory, don’t worry. It’s okay to ask about it. We’ll get you started by addressing three things you need to know about tummy tucks.

How Soon Can I Be Intimate after a Tummy Tuck?

It’s okay, we’re all adults here. You most certainly need to know how soon you can get your groove back after having a tummy tuck. Generally speaking, you should be able to (carefully) get down to business around 6 weeks post-op.

    Your plastic surgeon will give you specific instructions about how long to refrain from certain activities, so be sure to follow them.

Can I Get a Tattoo over My Tummy Tuck Scar?

Actually, yes. but don’t go getting a tattoo for the sole purpose of covering your tummy tuck scar. Chances are, your scar will barely be noticeable after several months anyway. Also, most tummy tuck scars are strategically placed so they can be covered by even the skimpiest bikinis.

Can I Remove a Tattoo before a Tummy Tuck?

Are you on the other side of the tattoo dilemma, and want to get rid of your tummy tattoo? Maybe that rose surrounded by barbed wire seemed like a great idea at the time, but it just doesn’t fit in with your future plans. It’s best to wait until after your tummy tuck to think about tattoo removal. In fact, depending on where your ink is, some or all of it may end up being removed during the procedure. Talk about a win-win!

No matter how weird they are, you should discuss all your tummy tuck concerns with your plastic surgeon. After all, you don’t want to wake up without a belly button.

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