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Top Plastic Surgery Procedures to Rock Your Belfie

Plastic Surgery Procedures

Plastic Surgery ProceduresWe’ve all taken selfies, whether we want to admit it or not, and many of us have filtered them, cropped them and added the finished product to our various social media accounts. However, selfies are now a little passé and are being overtaken by the belfie. For the uninitiated, that’s a selfie of your butt and, understandably, requires a high standard of rear end.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Also known as buttock augmentation with fat transfer, a Brazilian butt lift is intended to provide improved projection, circumference or fullness, in order to achieve a butt worthy of a belfie or two. Implants are not used during a Brazilian butt lift, rather fat is redistributed from another part of your body, usually the hips, back or thighs.

Your plastic surgeon can discuss your individual requirements and eligibility for a Brazilian butt lift during your consultation.

    If your butt isn’t quite up to being Instagrammed, these plastic surgery procedures may help you to achieve the perfect belfie.


Plastic surgeons can perform either traditional liposuction, which can generally be performed as day surgery, or power-assisted liposuction. While the latter can necessitate a short hospital stay, the benefits include reduced bruising, less tissue damage, improved accuracy and a shorter overall recovery time. Using either type of liposuction could be the perfect means to rocking a fabulous belfie. As the most suitable option will vary from person to person, your individual circumstances, desired outcome and preferred method can be discussed during a consultation with a board-registered plastic surgeon.

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