Top 5 Liposuction Target Areas

Young beautiful woman in white underwear

Young beautiful woman in white underwearPatients often ask about the most popular areas for liposuction that will give them the most dramatic results. Here’s a list of the top five target spots that are most requested by my patients:

  1. Love Handles: Lipo for love handles helps improve definition through the midsection and waist, two areas that diet and exercise can’t often correct on their own.
  2. Muffin Top: Body sculpting with liposuction can help create beautiful contours by removing fat from the upper waist area, another spot that’s notoriously hard to slim down.
  3. Thighs: These days the coveted “thigh gap” is all the rage. Lipo of the inner thighs can provide relief for chafing and discomfort caused by excess fat. Lipo in the outer thighs can ensure a smoother transition through the hips and up to the waist for a more svelte look.
  4. Upper Arms: When handled with care to accommodate the delicate skin of the upper and inner arms, lipo can slim down your arms for a better look in sleeveless shirts and dresses.
  5. Male Chest: If you suffer embarrassment due to excess fat in your chest, liposuction can help. The tissue of male breasts is very fibrous, which can make liposuction more challenging. Take the time to find a highly skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeon for the best results.

While these are the most popular areas, of course there are many places on the body that can be improved with body sculpting. Lipo can help you bring out the best in your body for lasting results you’ll love.

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