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Timeless or Trendy: Which Look Should You Pick?

Timeless or Trendy

Timeless or TrendyWhat’s your plastic surgery style? Did you know you could even have one? Like shoes and eyebrows, plastic surgery is not immune to fads and trends. Don’t believe it? Look how quickly butt enhancement surgery became a major thing once Kim Kardashian came along. We’re not even saying that’s a bad thing, it just goes to show how powerful trends can be.

Of course, what works for celebrities might not always play well in real life. What about you? Do you like your plastic surgery timeless or trendy?

Are You Trendy?

If you think of plastic surgery as a way to entirely re-invent yourself or express your individuality, you might be more of a trendy type. If you’re on the extreme end of this spectrum, you’re probably open to some pretty freaky stuff. On the other end of the trendy continuum there are more reasonable types, like the ones who are just out here trying to get a Kim K. butt.

If you’re tempted by breast augmentation trends and other cosmetic procedure fads, ask yourself if you’ll be happy with the results even when it’s not the latest thing anymore.

Or Are You Timeless?

If your attitude toward plastic surgery is more “I just want to enhance my natural beauty,” you’re probably more drawn to the classics. Body contouring procedures like liposuction and tummy tucks have been popular pretty much since the first person found out someone invented a way to get rid of clingy fat and saggy skin. And breast augmentation is a timeless trend that will likely never go out of style.

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