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This Is Awkward But Could Breast Implants Get You Divorced?

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Broken paper heart hanging on a wire.So, he put a ring on it. And now you’re thinking about getting breast implants. But there’s one breast implant question you might want to ask yourself first: Will breast implants send you on the path to divorce?

Wait, Is That a Thing?

Whether or not boob job breakups are actually a real concern kind of depends on your situation. But there are plenty of people who claim this was totally a problem for their relationship. You might hear rumors like these ones:

My friend Margaret had a happy marriage. Then she got breast implants and was divorced within the year!


Man, Brian paid for his wife to get a boob job so she could feel more confident, and boy did she — confident enough to leave him for a new man!

If a boob job puts your relationship on the rocks, was it all that strong to begin with?!

We’ve even seen seemingly compelling statistics on the subject, like three out of every five married women who get implants during their marriage will get divorced. But I say take these kinds of stats with a grain of salt, because you never know what else might have been going on behind the scenes, besides a new pair of knockers.

The Truth Behind the Numbers

The divorce rate for women who get breast implants while married is 28.8 percent, which comes close to the 3-out-of-5 statistic often cited.

This sounds bad. But here’s the thing: 18.1 percent of control subjects also got divorced. So it’s not necessarily just the breast implants that seem to be sending these people packing. Still, there does seem to be a somewhat small correlation between plastic surgery procedures and divorce.

So, Why Do Women Who Get Implants Get Divorced More Often?

The truth is that nothing can really be proven that would help to answer this question. So we’re back to rumors and speculation. But it really doesn’t take a rocket scientists to come to some possible conclusions, like:

  • The marriage wasn’t so great before the implants, anyway.
  • The husband demanded the implants and the wife got them to make him happy (Ladies, please don’t get a boob job for some dude, even if he is your husband.)
  • The wife was in the relationship due to poor self-esteem and her implants helped her battle back against it enough to leave.
  • The husband felt jealous that more men were looking at his wife and couldn’t take the heat.
  • The husband felt that the wife really got the implants for someone else.

So What Does This Mean for Your Upcoming Boob Job?

Basically, implants won’t cause you to get divorced, but they might reveal some underlying problems that could already be circulating under the current of your relationship. Before you move forward with breast augmentation, take some time to call your true motivations into question and look at how stable your marriage is.

The bottom line? If you want implants, get them, but definitely have an honest and open conversation with your other half first. Oh, and please don’t count on them saving your marriage, either.


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This Is Awkward But Could Breast Implants Get You Divorced?
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This Is Awkward But Could Breast Implants Get You Divorced?
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