This Hound Got a Facelift. What Are You Waiting for?

woman with dog

Hound Got a FaceliftHave you heard about Duke? He’s a basset hound that got a facelift. He’s part of a growing number of pets whose owners have opted for facelift surgery procedure to correct problems and defects that can lower pets’ quality of life.

Excess Skin Isn’t Just a Problem for Pets

Duke suffered from excessive amount of skin around and particular on top of his face that literally pushed his brow over his eyes.

He also suffered from entropion, a condition where the eyelids turn inward from excessive growth. And it isn’t just dogs that can get entropion – it’s a condition that’s also present in humans. And yes, for you cat people, our feline friends can get it also.

We humans also have our own issues with excessive skin growth in the eyelids that dogs and cats don’t have. Of course, between baggy eyes or looking like a Shar Pei, we think humans got a better deal.

Cosmetic Surgery Benefits People and Pets

Fortunately, both problems can be fixed with surgery. Sometimes we may not consider the real, tangible benefits of having eyelid surgery or a facelift surgery, but procedures like these can provide far more than just a boost of self-confidence and rejuvenation. They can help us see better and breathe better.

    This just goes to show that cosmetic surgery really can improve your quality of life – dog, cat or human.

If you have trouble seeing because of excessive skin around your eyes and eyelids, you may want to consider a facelift as a way to improve your vision. While your case may not be as extreme as Duke’s, facelift surgery and cosmetic procedures will give you the same quality-of-life upgrades as his surgery provided him.

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