There’s miraDry® & There’s Those Other Sweat-Stopping Hacks

woman with wet armpit stain

miraDryHands up if you need some tips for banishing sweat marks, stickiness and generally feeling a bit uncomfortable when the weather hots up? Or rather, hands down because you don’t want to advertise the fact… Fear not, help is at hand with these outstanding sweat-stopping hacks.

Can We Get an Amen for miraDry®?

Perhaps the best of the sweat-stopping hacks, miraDry is a non-invasive procedure that can work immediately to put an end to those wet patches, not to mention the harsh chemicals you’re probably using to combat them. The FDA-approved procedure can be performed by a board-certified cosmetic surgeon using electro-magnetic technology. To demonstrate just how excellent it can be, 1 miraDry treatment can be 82 percent effective against sweat and body odor, compared to 20 percent for normal antiperspirant and 30 percent for those super-strength ones.

How Long Does miraDry Last?

The all-important question! On average, miraDry can fight sweat and the associated smells for around 2 years. In truth, it may be even longer as sweat glands don’t regenerate. That’s potentially far longer than using BOTOX® for excessive sweating. If you’re interested in miraDry, especially considering how long it lasts, your first step should be finding a reputable provider in your local area and arranging an initial consultation.

You could be waving goodbye to sweat (with unstained underarms) very soon with miraDry and a local cosmetic surgeon’s clinic.

Alternatives to miraDry

If even the long-lasting effects aren’t convincing you that miraDry is for you, you may wish to employ some other sweat-stopping hacks instead, such as:

  • Putting panty liners in your armpits
  • Wearing tops with large armholes
  • Sticking to natural fibers such as cotton and linen
  • Putting coffee grounds in your shoes
  • Treating sweat stains with white vinegar, baking soda, salt and hydrogen peroxide

On second thought, what was that we just said about miraDry lasting and working again?? Maybe it’s time to retire the tricks that don’t work anyway and just commit to a solution that does.


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There's miraDry® & There's Those Other Sweat-Stopping Hacks
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There's miraDry® & There's Those Other Sweat-Stopping Hacks
Just how long does miradry last? Beauty blogger RaveBabe answers that question, as well as sharing some alternative sweat-stopping hacks.
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