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The Weirdest Plastic Surgery Trends of 2017

women recovering after plastic surgery

Weirdest Plastic SurgeryThere’s something incredibly fascinating about weird and wonderful plastic surgery. Sometimes it prompts you to think about how it would work outside of the celebrity world, while other trends are so off-the-wall you can’t even imagine them. 2017 has introduced quite a lot to our repertoire of eccentric plastic surgery, including some unspeakably weird procedures.

One-Night Nose

The one night stand of nose jobs, this DIY plastic surgery trend involves sticking pipes up your nostril and, as if that wasn’t bad enough, using a hook to do it. Initial thoughts: NOPE!


Cleavage is so 2016, this is the year of the underboob. Or not, if you think traditional breast augmentation is a more sensible option than creating underboob you’d be happy to have peeking out from under a crop top. Yes, this is a thing and, no, it shouldn’t be.

Wasabi Lips

Okay, so rather than having lip fillers, the plastic surgery trends of 2017 say that you should drive your skin nuts with wasabi paste and similar spicy substances (ouch!).  

Those of us who know better say that you should stick with the fillers.

BOTOX® for Depression

Apparently, BOTOX® can be used to treat depression by fighting the facial signs of the condition. Of course, this is total nonsense. Keep the BOTOX® for your fine lines and don’t mess around with your mental health. This is definitely one that should be entrusted to a specialist, not your plastic surgeon.

Foreskin Serum

Surely no explanation is needed for you to decide to skip this one. Honestly, just see your board-certified plastic surgeon and discuss a facial procedure that’s far more suitable, not to mention more pleasant. Maybe some microdermabrasion or some professional-level skincare?

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