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The Tummy Tuck Belt Totally Works, Right? Yeah, Maybe Not

lol tummy tuck belt

lol tummy tuck beltSo you want a flatter tummy and think you have just the belt to do it? Well, the popular tummy tuck belt that you probably have in mind isn’t likely to give you the dramatic results you’re looking for, if any at all. Check out why these types of contraptions just flat out don’t work and why a tummy tuck is your best bet.

What’s a Tummy Tuck Belt, Anyway?

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a new “as seen on TV” body contouring trend that claims wearing a special belt, combined with crunches and a “thermal accelerator” cream, can shave inches off your waistline. In before and after pictures, the makers of the tummy tuck belt depict women and men who appear to have lost significant amounts of excess fat and even loose skin using this method.

Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence that this device or other similar wearable garments can have any real effect on your physique.

If you want real results, ditch the gimmicky tummy tuck belts and creams and treat yourself to the real deal.

Drain-Free Tummy Tuck Benefits

If an extensive, stressful recovery time is keeping you from considering a tummy tuck, you might want to find a plastic surgeon in your area who offers a drain-free option. Without drains, not only can your actual procedure be less complicated, but you can also enjoy a hassle-free recovery with no painful or uncomfortable drains.

Even better still, you should be much more satisfied with the results that you’ll develop over the next several weeks and months after your tummy tuck.


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The Tummy Tuck Belt Totally Works, Right? Yeah, Maybe Not
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The Tummy Tuck Belt Totally Works, Right? Yeah, Maybe Not
Trying to get tummy tuck benefits without a tummy tuck? Ravebabe explains why this probably isn’t going to happen with gimmicky contraptions.
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