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The Top 5 Reasons for Breast Implant Exchange

woman in a red bathing suit on the beach

woman in a red bathing suit on the beachBreast revision surgery is ideal for patients who aren’t happy with their current implants and are ready for a change, allowing you to exchange your implants for results that will give you the beautiful look you deserve. Here’s a look at the most common reasons women choose to have a revision surgery and swap out their implants.

  1. Swapping Saline for Silicone

    Around two-thirds of all women opt for silicone implants because they look and feel more like real breast tissue. Women who originally chose saline sometimes decide to replace saline implants with silicone to enjoy more natural-looking results.

  2. Adjusting Size Up or Down

    The larger implant size you chose when you were younger can sometimes not be what you’d prefer years later, or maybe you chose a modest size to start and now want a more dramatic look. Revision surgery can give you a bust size that fits your current beauty goals.

  3. Correcting Implant Displacement

    Sometimes an implant doesn’t settle into the breast pocket properly, and an uneven appearance between the two breasts is a result. Revision surgery can correct the implant placement and restore a symmetrical appearance to the breasts.

  4. Capsular Contracture

    A hard pocket of scar tissue can sometimes develop around the implant, which can cause the breasts to feel hard or even painful. When this occurs, a revision surgery can effectively repair the breast pocket and remove the scar tissue.

  5. Replace Faulty Implant

    Strict safety regulations help ensure that the overwhelming majority of implants perform properly, so a faulty implant is a rare occurrence. However, if a rupture or leak does develop, a faulty implant can be safely exchanged for a new one during a revision procedure.

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