The Top 3 Weirdest Uses for Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery To the layperson, the entire purpose of plastic surgery is to enhance the appearance. Of course, laypersons were also responsible for the popularity of mom jeans and Justin Bieber’s career, so let’s not put a ton of stock into what the layperson thinks. Plastic surgery can, in fact, be used for a startling variety of non-appearance based concerns above and beyond the surface aesthetic.

BOTOX® for Migraines

According to a handful of baffled medical scientists, BOTOX® has been found to help reduce migraine attacks in chronic migraine sufferers when administered approximately every 12 weeks.

BOTOX® has also been approved for use in the United Kingdom for patients suffering from stroke-related limb spasticity. Unfortunately, having BOTOX® injected into your arms or legs does precious little to combat crow’s feet.

Rhinoplasty to Reduce Snoring

“Deviated nasal septum” corrective surgery is the famous phrase used by celebrities who’ve had nose jobs but want to hide under the veil of medical necessity. As dubious as this rationalization may sound, deviated nasal septum-related sleep disturbances can seriously affect your quality of life and erode your health over time, so if you can finally get a good night’s sleep and have a cute little button nose in the bargain, who’s complaining?

Cinderella Surgery

A surgical procedure for those who’ve destroyed their feet through years of cramming them into horribly designed yet fashionable heels, so-called Cinderella surgery was originally designed to correct hammertoes and bunions. Post surgery, you can confidently go right back to forcing your feet into the most torturous Jimmy Choos imaginable.

What’s next… breast implants to enhance buoyancy, facelifts to reduce drag while running and liposuction for an easy fit into small spaces? Hey, surgery ain’t cheap – why not get a practical use out of your cosmetic procedure?

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