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The Skinny on Getting Your Pre-Weight Loss Boobs Back

Weight Loss Boobs

Weight Loss BoobsSo you’ve been dropping the pounds with your mad gym routine and healthy diet, but your girls seem to be taking it hard. Boobs are mostly comprised of fat, so it’s not that surprising that losing weight can make your assets go from hero to zero. Sure, you’ve heard that size doesn’t matter, but who are you kidding? You want your knockers back in prime condition, and there’s really only one way to go: plastic surgery.

The Magic of Breast Implants

If you’re considering getting breast implants after weight loss, you’re not alone. Lots of women consider breast augmentation to improve their bust when they realize that being skinny can come at a price. Breast implants can fill out your breast volume to return your girls to their prior state, helping you enjoy your weight loss success rather than wishing you’d held on to your greasy, fatty diet so you wouldn’t have to go through the trouble of buying smaller bras.

Boobs Hanging Down to Your Belly Button? There’s a Solution for That Too

Now, some women don’t really seem to lack in breast volume after losing weight. If you’re perfectly fine with the size of your boobs but have experienced the southbound migration of your assets known as breast sagging, or ptosis, your friendly neighborhood breast surgeon can come to the rescue. Women experience breast sagging for a whole host of reasons, such as age, gravity, genetics, nursing, pregnancy, or – you guessed it – weight loss. And it’s not just large-breasted women who suffer. Even women with small breasts get breast lift surgery to make their girls rounder and perkier.

Reaching your target weight is a wonderful, rewarding accomplishment. There’s no need to let your smaller, saggy boobs take away from that.

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