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The Most Famous Breast Implants of All Time

Famous Breast Implants
Famous Breast Implants
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Hollywood has no shortage of celebrities with breast implants, offering many examples of illustrious careers enhanced by cosmetic surgery. Though some of these celebrities’ surgical enhancements are common knowledge, you may be surprised to learn who else has had breast implants.

Famous Over-the-Top Tales

For some celebrities, implants are no secret; Los Angeles is home to countless starlets with artificially bountiful breasts. Women like Pamela Anderson and Anna Nicole Smith found fame built on the foundations of their expanding bust lines. Country singer Dolly Parton is known nearly as much for her many cosmetic surgeries (most notably her generous implants) as she is for her music, to the point where her name is practically synonymous with large breasts.

More Subtle Shifts

While perhaps not immediately recognized as examples of famous breast implants, other famous personalities are known for having beautiful breasts as well; these results, though subtle, are just as surgically enhanced if perhaps less obvious.

For instance, former teen queens Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera made major transformations after first appearing on the music scene as adolescent pop stars. Though neither singer is open about having undergone implant surgery, you can easily see that it took more than a “Genie in a Bottle” to transform at least one former Disney darling into the bustier “Xtina.”

Empowering Enhancements

When a celebrity undergoes a health crisis, she has a natural platform from which to spread awareness. After a preventive double mastectomy, Angelina Jolie reappeared on the scene showing off beautifully augmented breasts following reconstructive surgery. Her famous decision has shed new light on reconstructive options as well as the improved self-image that can come from breast enhancement, and placing her squarely in the ranks of women with the most famous breast implants of all time.

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