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The Latest Wedding Must Have? Breast Augmentation & Plastic Surgery

Bride wearing a blush colored wedding dress with a long textured train.

Bride wearing a blush colored wedding dress with a long textured train.Together with nose jobs, breast augmentation shared the number-one spot for the most popular cosmetic procedures to get before a wedding in 2019, according to a report from RealSelf. Nonsurgical treatments like BOTOX® and CoolSculpting® also made the list.

So if you’re considering getting a boob job before your wedding, you are by no means alone. But that said, there are some timing considerations to think about before moving forward with breast augmentation ahead of your big day.

Give Yourself Enough Down Time

Although it’s a cosmetic procedure, breast augmentation still requires surgery. So don’t forget that you will need time to rest and recover afterward — and that doesn’t mean running around like a chicken with your head cut off trying to put all of the wedding pieces together.

Most women see what will be close to their final outcome three months after breast enhancement, but full results will continue to develop well after this.

In general, plan to clear your schedule completely for at least the first week after your boob job. Swelling and tenderness can persist for another several weeks. Plan your breast augmentation at least six months before your wedding so you can not only fully recover but also enjoy the wedding planning process and not feel rushed into your big day.

Oh, and if you’re planning on hitting the gym hard in preparation for marriage, keep in mind that breast augmentation will put vigorous exercise on hold for around six weeks.

Don’t Forget about Dress Alterations

Depending on how much of a size difference you’re going for, you might have to cut your final dress fitting a little to the wedding date. You don’t want to have it taken in before your boob job, only to have to squeeze yourself into it after the fact.

Talk with your dress fitter to make sure alterations will fit into your timeline at least three months after getting breast implants.

Stay on Top of Your Budget

Breast enhancement and your wedding day can both be fairly large investments, so think about whether or not they can both fit into the same timeframe from a financial standpoint. You don’t want to add extra stress before your wedding by worrying about being able to pay both bills at the same time.

If you’re set on getting breast implants before the big day and money is a concern, ask about financing and payment options at your consultation to help make your breast augmentation affordable without cutting corners.

Factor in Honeymoon Plans

Are you headed on a dreamy beach vacation to enjoy the first days of wedded bliss? If so, discuss this with your cosmetic surgeon to make sure your procedure is scheduled far enough in advance. You will have to avoid swimming and hot tubs for the first stage of recovery, and sun exposure should be limited to reduce the chance of scarring complications.

Plus, you’ll probably want to be able to enjoy your full results in a new bikini, so build in enough recovery time to get the most out of your breast enhancement while away.


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The Latest Wedding Must Have? Breast Augmentation & Plastic Surgery
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The Latest Wedding Must Have? Breast Augmentation & Plastic Surgery
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