The CoolSculpting® Truths You Should Memorize

coolsculpting facts

coolsculpting factsOkay, so you’ve had a look online, browsed a few sites and now you know that CoolSculpting® is the only FDA-cleared fat-reduction treatment that banishes those pesky fat cells using cooling technology. That all sounds quite, well, cool – but what does it really mean?

Ultimate CoolSculpting Facts

Before you book your CoolSculpting consultation, make sure you equip yourself with the facts.

The only way to know for sure if you’re likely to benefit from CoolSculpting is to consult an experienced CoolSculpting specialist, but there are plenty of facts to help you work out if you may be a good candidate beforehand. Ready for a rundown? Here goes…

  • You probably know that results can vary, but the good news is that70% of people would do it all again
  • CoolSculpting’s normally not painful, but you should expect at least a little discomfort
  • Don’t be freaked out if the treated area looks a little odd immediately after CoolSculpting. Think a stick of butter hidden under your skin. Stay calm, it can be massaged away (speak to your CoolSculpting specialist)
  • You could see up to 25% fat reduction in the targeted area, each time you go for CoolSculpting
  • This isn’t an instant win. CoolSculpting results can begin to show in around 3 weeks, but tend to take up to 4 months to develop
  • Much as you may love a fairy godmother with a fat-busting magic wand, the CoolSculpting applicator isn’t it, so step away from the donuts…

How to Benefit from CoolSculpting

Now you know CoolSculpting isn’t magic, might smart a little and could look a little odd at first, the next step is going ahead with the treatment. To target problem spots with this very cool fat-reduction treatment, get in touch with a CoolSculpting specialist for an initial consultation and put those fat cells on ice.


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The CoolSculpting® Truths You Should Memorize
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The CoolSculpting® Truths You Should Memorize
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