The CoolMini Is No PSL but You’ll Like It Even More

woman drinking coffee

woman drinking coffeeFirst things first – what is a PSL? You can’t know how much you like it if you don’t know what it is, after all. It is, of course, that staple of fall coffee, the pumpkin spice latté. If you didn’t squeal with excitement when your local baristas started offering this delight, who even are you? Now, take that PSL and have a seat, because there could be something even better in your new future.

What Is CoolSculpting®?

CoolSculpting, just in case you’ve never heard of it, is a non-invasive, FDA-approved treatment designed to eliminate stubborn fat cells using some kind of magic freezing technology. When it seems like you never leave the gym and you’ve been dieting FOREVER but still have a squishy tummy or bulges below your bra strap, CoolSculpting could help you get there without resorting to cosmetic surgery. Word of warning – CoolSculpting won’t stop you from gaining weight in the future.

The CoolMini

Whether or not you’re the type of person to have a pumpkin spice countdown on your phone, a CoolSculpting CoolMini specialist may help unveil a more contoured you this fall.

Basically, the CoolMini is a small applicator which can be attached to a CoolSculpting machine when the target areas involve smaller pockets of fat. Think double chins and similarly small but annoying stubborn problem areas. Harnessing the powers of CoolSculpting, with or without the CoolMini applicator, can provide visible results within around 1 to 3 months and you’ll normally find that you need more than one treatment to achieve the best outcome. Plan accordingly to be more svelte by party season!

Ready to ditch the PSL in favor of a more sculpted you? Start by booking a consultation with an experienced CoolSculpting specialist.


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The CoolMini Is No PSL but You'll Like It Even More
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The CoolMini Is No PSL but You'll Like It Even More
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