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The Breast Reduction Perks Only a Friend Would Tell You

Woman whispering on another woman's ear

Woman whispering on another woman's earHaving oversized breasts isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be. Ask any woman with back pain and red, irritated shoulders and she’ll tell you that big boobs can be the worst.

But here’s the good news: breast reduction surgery comes with a whole lotta perks, including banishing back pain and these other little-known breast reduction facts.

  1. You Don’t Have to Have Humungous Hangers to Benefit from a Reduction

    It’s true that lots of women with seriously supersized breasts seek reduction surgery so they can wear normal-sized clothing, play sports and, you know, live comfortably.

    But even women with medium-sized breasts can benefit from a breast reduction. If the size of your breasts in relation to your body frame is getting in the way of normal activities and exercise, then breast reduction could be for you, sister.

  2. You’re Gonna Get a Lift, Too

    Sorry, ladies, but liposuction on its own isn’t going to cut it. That’s why breast reduction surgery almost always includes a breast lift, which really is a good thing. Otherwise, you’d be left with droopy, deflated breasts that look even more awkward in a sports bra.

    There’s more than one incision technique for the perfect breast reduction. Ask your plastic surgeon which one’s right for you.

  3. Insurance Might Foot the Bill

    If the size of your boobs is interfering with your daily life and causing medical problems like back, neck and shoulder pain, your insurance just might foot the bill for your reduction. This is definitely worth looking into before finalizing your surgery plans.

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The Breast Reduction Perks Only a Friend Would Tell You
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The Breast Reduction Perks Only a Friend Would Tell You
Are the girls just too darn big? Plastic surgery personality RaveBabe shares a few little-known breast reduction facts and perks that you’re going to love.
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