The At-Home Hack That Just Might Measure Your Boob Sag

woman lifting saggy boobs

Measure Your Boob SagThere are some fabulous bras available just now, some of which can provide frankly gravity-defying breasts, but what if taking them off just reminds you of how much your boobs actually need that boost? Okay, so sagging boobs aren’t the end of the world, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look your best. If you’re considering a boob job, will breast implants actually help stop the sag?

Will Breast Implants Help Sagging?

In short, no. Breast implants can add volume to your boobs, but won’t do anything to fix loose or sagging skin. If your boobs are particularly saggy, you may need a breast lift, either instead of or alongside breast implants. A consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon will help you find out how to make those puppies perkier, but this quick at-home hack can give you some idea of how saggy they really are.

Sometimes a push-up bra just won’t cut it, so you may be debating whether or not breast implants will help combat the sagging.

Put Your Hands Up for Boob Sag

Yeah, it’s not likely to make the title of a chart-topper, but sticking your arms up can be a good way to measure how much your boobs are sagging. Stand in front of a mirror (choosing one where you can see your boobs!) and put your hands on your head. Are you happy with how the twins look? If so, breast implants may be able to provide the look you’re after. If they still look to be sagging a little too much, breast implants along probably won’t help. Speak to a board-certified plastic surgeon about combining breast augmentation with a breast lift – a procedure that can mean breast implants will help sagging.

Now, where’s that mirror…


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The At-Home Hack That Just Might Measure Your Boob Sag
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The At-Home Hack That Just Might Measure Your Boob Sag
Can breast implants help sagging boobies? Beauty blogger RaveBabe shares one at-home hack that might help you decide if your boobs need a boost.
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