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The 5 Worst Boob Jobs in History

Worst Boob Jobs

breast enlargementThere is nothing more frustrating than having breast augmentation and looking worse than you did pre-procedure. And yet, some oblivious gals (we’re not naming any names) seem blissfully unaware that they’re walking examples of the worst boob jobs ever. We’ve got five examples right here, in fact!

  1. The Single Square Boob

    We have to believe that this bad boob job is the result of the patient’s right breast migrating upward over time, and not the work of a Dadaist plastic surgeon. Now, if both breasts were abnormally high and square, they’d still be awful, but at least there would be symmetry.

  2. The Grapefruits

    Here we have the classic high, hard look of the bad boob job—the ultra-fake look that most of us wrongly associate with breast implants in general. Beautiful, natural looking breast augmentation is absolutely possible… but this is not such an occasion. The breasts are far apart, shaped too spherically and are too large for the frame. A trifecta of misfortune.

  3. The Watermelons

    Mercy. These massive mammaries dually represent phenomenal emotional instability in the patient and an utter lack of scruples in the physician.

  4. The Sandbags

    These poorly placed breast implants probably drifted southward over time. The resulting sag is not in the least benefitted by the added unattractiveness of evident dimpling.

  5. The Lady Schwarzenegger

    We understand the desire for some softness and femininity even when you’re sculpting your body and developing muscle definition, but come on! If you’ve achieved top-tier bodybuilder pecs, bad breast implants won’t fool anyone.

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