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That Shot for Your G-Spot? Probably Not Worth the Hype

Shot for Your G-Spot

couple in bed looking surprisedYour love interest having trouble finding your G-spot? That’s an easy one—inject it with collagen to make it more findable! Er, not. Maybe skip the G-spot shot and try Geneveve™ or labiaplasty to enhance your sex life instead.

The Truth about G-Spot Shots

Sure, the idea sounds reasonable enough. If your G-spot is currently the size of a dime and collagen injections can make it the size of two nickels, you’ll have better sex, right? Unfortunately, there’s no scientific evidence to back up this theory, so you might want to hold off on G-spot shots until some science shows up.

Meanwhile, there are other cosmetic treatments for better sex that really can give you a boost between the sheets.


With Geneveve™ vaginal rejuvenation, you don’t need shots or surgery to have better sex. Geneveve™ is a nonsurgical treatment that gently heats the deeper layers of vaginal tissue and muscle for increased tightness and wetness downstairs.

In about 30 minutes, Geneveve™ can give you a better sex life all year long.


For some women, overly large labia are the culprits behind sexual dissatisfaction. That’s because long vaginal lips can not only get in the way of penetration, but they can also cause some uncomfortable friction with your man’s package.

Labiaplasty can help to improve your sex life by reducing the size of your labia for increased comfort. Just make sure you talk to a board-certified plastic surgeon who focuses on procedures for your lady bits so you get smooth, beautiful results.


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That Shot for Your G-Spot? Probably Not Worth the Hype
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That Shot for Your G-Spot? Probably Not Worth the Hype
Looking for cosmetic treatments for better sex? Ravebabe shares one treatment to avoid and two to seriously consider to enhance your sex life.
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