That Album of Selfies Is Making You Long for a Facelift, Huh?

woman taking a selfie

woman taking a selfieLadies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the selfie generation. A mix of Millennials and Gen Z, the selfie generation has come of age with social media at their fingertips. And sure, yours was more Myspace emo scene kid than TikTok ridiculousness, but, uh, those selfies are still out there on the interwebs.

They’re also living rent free in your head. And that just might be a problem.

Are Selfies Driving an Interest in Facial Plastic Surgery?

We’ve all heard the phrase “the camera adds ten pounds.” And it’s true; the way camera lenses capture reality leaves it slightly distorted. That’s why when you look in the mirror, you see a thinner version of yourself than when you see your body in photos. (And if that isn’t the case, girl, get a better mirror.)

But that distortion isn’t exclusive to your stomach and thighs. It impacts your face too. And it’s driving people to get plastic surgery so they can feel better about how they look in their daily selfies.

Selfies have been going strong for decades, and now, they are starting to distort the image we have of ourselves.

Should You Get Facial Surgery in Your 30s for Selfies?

You know, this is an iffy question to answer. Our guts are screaming, “No, you absolutely shouldn’t. Life is in the real world!”

But like, is it?

For good or for bad, much of our lives are lived online. We have dear friends we’ve never seen in person, old friends we keep in touch with digitally and even jobs we attend from across the globe. Yes, we are fully realized actual human beings. We are also avatars and selfies on Facebook, What’s App, Slack and more. And as each year goes by, more and more people know us as our digital selves.

It hardly comes as a surprise that facelifts are trending on TikTok, even among those in their 30s (and even 20s).

OK, so all this makes sense when you think about it. But is making permanent changes to your face a good idea considering technology could change tomorrow and eliminate the selfie distortion that’s driving you? Fair point, right? Even if we live in a digital world, that landscape changes daily.

Thinking Beyond the Facelift

Listen, this is our vote: save the facelift for when you want to see changes in the mirror, and go for temporary solutions when you want to see changes in your selfies. Now, it’s your face so we don’t actually get a say but you really should keep it in mind. You might not be at the best age for a facelift just yet.

So, what are the alternatives you might want to consider?

  • Skin Care: It won’t change your face shape, but glowing skin looks great in person and on camera. Look into laser treatments, microneedling and more.
  • Liquid Nose Job: If it’s your nose that bugs you, rhinoplasty can wait. Liquid nose jobs are temporary solutions that change your nose shape.
  • BOTOX and Fillers: With these two tools in your tool bag, you can alter the profile of your face and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

If you feel a facelift or other surgery is right for you, go for it. But know that you have plenty of options.

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That Album of Selfies Is Making You Long for a Facelift, Huh?
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That Album of Selfies Is Making You Long for a Facelift, Huh?
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