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Tape, Strange Bras & Your Saggy Boobs: Whatever Will You Do?

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Beautiful woman - Boob Job - RaveBabe - Jan22Do you want to look and feel sexier? Do you have saggy breasts that just won’t stay up? If so, then this article is for you. We’re going to discuss a few ways in which you can lift your breasts — with and without surgery. 

DIY Breast Lift Options 

There are a couple of things you can do to lift your breasts without surgery. First, wearing tape is effective at making the breast appear lifted and perky. This will work for any type of shirt or dress that shows cleavage since it’ll be exposed on top of the shirt — just make sure you wear matching skin-toned tape! 

DIY options might save you money, but they won’t deliver the lasting results you want.

Your next option is to purchase any of the many weird and lifting bras currently on the market.  I know it sounds crazy, but these bras have been specifically designed to lift and tighten your breasts. They’re specially made with special cups that help compress the breast tissue so they appear young and perky. 

Last but not least is using skin creams that claim to tighten the skin. These products claim to tighten the skin to the point that your breasts become visibly lifted. 

The Problem with DIY Breast Lift Tricks

All of these options might sound pretty appealing. However, there are a few problems with them.

First of all, they don’t make permanent changes. Once the tapes and silly bras come off, your breasts are still saggy. Second of all, if your goal is to look sexy for someone, that illusion is ruined once your top comes off and they see the tape, wires and sticky silicone pads. 

As for the breast tightening cream? We’ll be transparent here: it doesn’t work. No cream is powerful enough to tighten skin that supports the weight of more than a B-cup worth of breast tissue. 

So, What’s a Girl to Do?

Get an actual, surgical breast lift. We promise, breast lift benefits are incredible.  You’ll have perkier, shapelier breasts that look and feel amazing. The surgery is minimally invasive and can be done in a matter of hours. You’ll also see results immediately following the surgery — there’s no waiting around for your breasts to “take” or “mature.” 

Although there is a reasonably lengthy recovery period, so don’t expect to go from the OR to the club.  But you can expect to be wearing your favorite bras and bathing suit tops with confidence very soon! 

What’s a Surgical Breast Lift?

A surgical breast lift is done under general anesthesia. The surgery will take between two and three hours depending on the extent of work that needs to be performed.  In a breast lift procedure, the surgeon will remove excess skin and tissue from your breasts. This allows them to fall into a more youthful position on your chest wall.

The incision made is usually around the bottom of your areola (the darker part surrounding your nipple). Another option for women with larger breasts is an anchor pattern incision that begins at the bottom of your areola and circles around to underneath your breast. 

There’s a lot more science behind it, but we’ll spare you the medical jargon! 

Are There Non-Surgical Options?

If you’re not quite ready for surgery, or if you just want to try something out before committing, there are a few med spa skin-tightening procedures that can give you similar results. While the results won’t be as significant, they do allow you to get a bit of a lift without going under the knife. 

If you are unhappy with your sagging breasts, don’t delay! Schedule a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon to discuss your options.

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Tape, Strange Bras & Your Saggy Boobs: Whatever Will You Do?
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Tape, Strange Bras & Your Saggy Boobs: Whatever Will You Do?
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