Take “Chilling Out” to a Whole New Level with CoolSculpting®

girl chilling out coolsculpting

girl chilling out coolsculptingWhat if we told you there was a way to rid your body of unwanted fat and bothersome bulges while you just chill out? You might say, “no way!” or “what are you doing in my house?”

Far from some of the disturbing things people are doing to look more attractive these days, CoolSculpting is actually backed up by science. Sheep placenta facials, for instance, cannot make the same claim.

Chill Level: Expert

Crazy as it may sound, CoolSculpting is an actual, legit way to reduce fat while you quite literally chill.

Chill out. No, really. Sit there and relax while a trained CoolSculpting provider freezes away your fat using cryolipolysis, a process by which fat cells are actually killed (as in, dead). The totally non-invasive procedure vanquishes those fat cells without damaging the rest of your bodily tissues, which is a nice bonus.

How to Choose a Practice That’s Cool Enough

Even though we’re pro-chilling, the last thing you want is a chilly reception when you go in for CoolSculpting. If the staff or providers are ice queens (or kings), go somewhere that shows a little more warmth. You should feel listened to and cared about, and be able to trust that you’re in good hands. If none of those things are happening, find another place to chill.

More Cool Things About CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting isn’t just some trendy fad that everyone does just to say they did it. CoolSculpting really works to eliminate those very rude fat cells that just won’t go away no matter how nicely you ask. And if you take good care of yourself after having it, your results can last indefinitely. Also cool is that you can just go back to work after a treatment like nothing ever happened. No tedious weeks of recuperation or trying to keep your surgery on the DL.

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Take "Chilling Out" to a Whole New Level with CoolSculpting®
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Take "Chilling Out" to a Whole New Level with CoolSculpting®
Curious about coolsculpting benefits? The hype is real, and coolsculpting is a legitimate way to freeze out fat cells while you simply chill.
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