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Sure, Cheap Out on Laser Treatments, It’s Only Your Face

Red haired woman scared by laser treatment on face, looking at equipment.

Red haired woman scared by laser treatment on face, looking at equipment.Man, it sure feels good to save money. Clipping coupons, shopping sales and keeping an eye out for crazy deals are all well and good when it comes to certain things, like fast fashion and home accessories.

But what about laser skin treatments for your face?

You Get What You Pay For

You have no doubt heard that phrase before — probably from your dad or grandpa, because isn’t it such a dad thing to say? Oh, but dear old dad is often right. And in this case, he absolutely is.

Laser skin treatments cost quite a bit. Or they do if you want them done well.

A Tale of a Groupon Gone Wrong

Frances Vega has a laser horror story she so helpfully shared with the world.

It starts as you would expect — she had skin concerns, and she’d love to correct them. Specifically, she had scars left over from severe teenage acne and wanted laser skin resurfacing to get rid of them. Still being in university, she didn’t have the finances to cover treatments outright and figured that it would be a while before she could correct her skin. Then she got a notification that felt like an answer to a prayer: a Groupon deal for four fractional laser treatments priced at just $280.

Horror stories like this might turn you off of getting laser treatments, but there are ways to get safe treatments that are easier on your bank account.

To put that into perspective, a single treatment should cost at least $500 and as much as $5,000. That is a very, very steep discount.

If you are hearing warning bells and seeing red flags, yeah, so am I. But we have all been lured in by a deal too good to be true. And this one certainly was.

Rather than eliminating her acne scars, she was left with new ones that took months and more money than the treatments cost to heal. Now, she is part of a group lawsuit filled with other people who were taken in by the same deal.

How to Get Affordable Med Spa Treatments

This tale of woe might leave you feeling pretty down in the dumps if your bank account isn’t ready for full-priced med spa services. However, this doesn’t mean that laser skin resurfacing costs have to break the bank. There are ways to get affordable treatments.

  • Go ahead and look at those deals. Yes, this horror story involved Groupon, but Groupon isn’t the problem; the med spa was. Just make sure before you buy that the spa isn’t too new and has the right balance of positive reviews to negative ones. And if there are no reviews, skip it.
  • Keep an open mind when selecting a treatment. Yes, the ones that do the most tend to cost the most, but more affordable options can still make a big difference.
  • Ask med spas about the financing options they offer. Many will help you access payment plans or special financing to make it easier to get the treatments you want or need.

Ultimately, laser skin resurfacing costs can be affordable. You just need to make sure your deal isn’t too good to be true. Remember your dad’s sage advice: you get what you pay for.


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Sure, Cheap Out on Laser Treatments, It’s Only Your Face
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Sure, Cheap Out on Laser Treatments, It’s Only Your Face
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