Stop Lying about Your Liposuction

Your Liposuction

Your LiposuctionWe all know the drill. Your reunite with friends you haven’t seen in a few months and notice that someone’s rocking a stellar figure. Where’d that muffin top go? Or the double chin? Have her cankles transformed magically into ankles? And where’d that thigh gap come from?

It’s rude to ask, but maybe after a cocktail or two you can’t contain your curiosity. After all, you know for a fact that her whole family rocks the double chin no matter how much they diet and exercise. As if skipping out on the brownies would change that genetic feature.

The moral of the story? Stop lying about your liposuction.

Changing Stigma of Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery may have been stigmatized in the past, in part because cosmetic procedures like liposuction were once only accessible to the rich and famous. Today, however, people from all different walks of life can get cosmetic surgery. Lying about your liposuction implies that the procedure is something worth hiding, but you could be surprised by how many other people you know have hit up their local cosmetic surgeon for the sake of looking and feeling better.

Liposuction Helps Where Diet and Exercise Can’t

If you’ve got the idea that you should be ashamed of getting liposuction, you’ve got it all wrong. Liposuction can smooth out those fat bulges when diet and exercise fall short. For many, lipo might be the only way to achieve a more streamlined figure. Finally, liposuction isn’t just about looking great. Lipo can reduce inner thigh chafing, take away the infamous “bra bulge” and help your clothes fit more comfortably.

So the next time someone asks you how you managed to get that stellar look, give them the skinny on what lipo can do. They might be grateful for the tip.

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