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Space-Age Breast Implants That Fight Sag Too? Totally a Thing

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Breast ImplantsAs long as there is gravity, boobs will sag. But what if there were a way to fight sagging while giving the girls a lovely boost of volume at the same time? As it turns out, NASA may have found the answer. Check it out.

Introducing B-Lite: The Implants from Space

Clocking in at a whopping 30 percent lighter than traditional breast implants, brand new B-Lite implants are filled with tiny particles of borosilicate glass, the same material used to make the heat shield that protects space shuttles when reentering the earth’s atmosphere.

The idea is that by opting for more lightweight implant, women may be able to get the double-Ds they want without also getting a royal pain in the neck—literally. With less weight pulling down on your chest, sagging might be a thing of the past, or at least slow the heck down.

While these new breast augmentation options don’t come cheap, the hope is that they could be even more longer-lasting than regular silicone implants, which might save on the cost of a revision surgery down the road.

Or, Try Breast Implants with a Lift

B-Lite implants aren’t the only way to banish saggy boobs. Talk to your plastic surgeon about adding a lift to your breast enhancement surgery.

If you’re still stuck on the idea of choosing an implant made partially of space glass, you could take the tried-and-true route of combining your breast augmentation with a breast lift. This combination procedure is super popular among women who want to fight sag and upgrade their curves at the same time.


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Space-Age Breast Implants That Fight Sag Too? Totally a Thing
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Space-Age Breast Implants That Fight Sag Too? Totally a Thing
Plastic surgery personality Ravebabe explains new breast augmentation technology that uses space-age material to make implants even lighter.
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