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Sorry, Beauty Isn’t in the Eye of the Beholder

Beauty is fact

Beauty is fact. If the world were blind,

beauty girl in blue white stripe bra

we’d still distinguish the beautiful from the ugly by an elaborate system of physical groping. Breast augmentation procedures would soar.
Regardless of country, culture, or race, there are definite commonalities among human beings with regard to the appreciation of physical attractiveness. Because we all have a hard-wired survival instinct, we want our mates to produce the fittest possible offspring. We decide which mate is the healthiest and most robust by making judgements about physical appearance. Who will deliver strong babies, free from deformities and brimming full of charisma and natural leadership abilities? Short people? Meh. Tall people? Excellent! Narrow shoulders? Ugh. Broad shoulders? Yes, please!

Beautiful Evolution

Of course, as the human population has evolved, physical characteristics that are common to the most successful amongst us have become prized. So what can you do if you haven’t been graced with stunning, symmetrical features? Call your friendly neighborhood plastic surgeon, of course! Why should we be troubled by our own lack of physical perfection? By the end of 21st century, all of us will be nipping and tucking as frequently as we floss our teeth.
Is it flat-out stupid to value someone with plump lips and large breasts more highly than the skinny-lipped and flat-chested? Probably. But if maximizing your natural beauty gives you a leg up on the rest of society, we say go for it. Those are the benefits of plastic surgery – we can even out the biological playing field! Oh, and feel better about ourselves.

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