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Sometimes Even Cats Need Eyelid Surgery to See Straight

woman holding cat

woman holding catIf you’re in the mood for a feel-good animal rescue story, you’re in luck. Turns out, there’s a formerly stray cat named Feifei, or Fatty for short, who could barely open her eyes, prompting a vet clinic in China to spring to action.

Interestingly enough, the same procedure that helped Fatty to see much better is also pretty popular among humans. Check it out.

Fatty the Cat Gets Eyelid Surgery

When Fatty first arrived at the Chengdu vet clinic, her eyelids were swollen and folded inwards, making it hard for her to see right and was probably very uncomfortable. So He Jinyi, a skilled vet at the clinic, performed a double eyelid surgery on the cat that took about 30 minutes.

Now, Fatty’s eyes are as bright and wide as ever, and she’s even found a loving home with a local family. Awww.

Eyelid Surgery Works for Humans, Too

Lots of people don’t realize that, as in Fatty the cat’s situation, eyelid surgery isn’t always done for cosmetic reasons.

This feline’s success story can actually ring true for many humans, too. Sometimes, a person’s upper eyelid can droop so much that it starts to interfere with his or her eyesight. When this happens, eyelid surgery to correct vision problems is considered to be medically necessary and might even be covered by health insurance.

If you’re like Fatty and can’t quite see straight because of the shape of your eyes or eyelids, you might want to find a skilled plastic surgeon for a success story of your own.


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Sometimes Even Cats Need Eyelid Surgery to See Straight
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Sometimes Even Cats Need Eyelid Surgery to See Straight
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