Boob Jobs

So Your Teen Wants Breast Implants. Now What?

Breast Implants

Breast ImplantsIt’s no secret that breast size can significantly impact teenagers’ self esteem as they grow older and notice their peers developing at different rates than they are. Some girls think they would date more if they had a boob job or that plastic surgery would stop bullying. If your daughter is giving you the runaround for a boob job, you’re going to need to borrow from your kids’ DARE program and just say no.

“The Problem Is Totally My Boobs!”

Talk with your daughter and be real with her. She needs to hear that the size of her boobs probably isn’t a factor in her social life. If she did have the surgery and go from an A to D cup, she could end up feeling self-conscious about her breast size or even teased for having gotten breast implants.

Find Out What’s Really Going On

You’ve got to get to the bottom of why she is begging you for a boob job. Once you find out what’s driving her request, focus on how you can help her without surgery. A new sport or social activity might help her meet new friends and boys who will like her despite her lack of a huge rack. Maybe you can have her work with a counselor to boost her confidence.

Making Responsible Decisions

In truth, it’s unlikely that your daughter’s breasts have finished developing when she’s still a teenager. Getting breast augmentation at a young age can result in unnatural looking results as the breasts continue to grow and the original implants are no longer suited to her body. Focus on a better self-image in her younger years, and when she’s old enough to make the decision by herself, she’ll be able to decide whether a boob job is really right for her.

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