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So You Had a Breast Reduction & Want Your Boobs Back

Breast Reduction

Breast ReductionIf you had a breast reduction in the past and now miss your boobs, you’re definitely not alone. Big-boobed women who get their breasts reduced at a fairly young age may find that a combination of weight changes, babies and aging means they fall out of love with their smaller chest. If you find yourself hankering after the boobs you used to have, could it be time to get them back?

Why Breast Reduction May Lose Its Shine

Babies can play a huge part in women’s body shape changing, as pregnancy takes a toll on the perkiness of boobs, the flatness of tummies and the absence of stretchmarks. It’s not the only reason why a previous breast reduction may look less appealing than it did, as aging alone can change the results. That dreaded weight fluctuation over time may also play a part.

If you’ve lost breast volume and perkiness, breast augmentation after reduction might be the key to getting those spectacular boobs back.

Breast Augmentation After Reduction

As long as at least six months have passed since your first procedure, breast augmentation after reduction may be an option. You may wish to wait until you’re finished having babies, or have settled at a weight you’re happy with first, just to avoid ending up back in this situation again. A board-certified plastic surgeon will be able to discuss the best option for you and your boobs.

Before you commit to a breast augmentation after reduction, remember that implants will only increase the volume and size – if you are in need of a little added perkiness, you may also require a breast lift.

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