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So He Says He Doesn’t Like Fake Boobs. Now What?

Fake Boobs

Seriously, if you want breast implants,Fake Boobs you should have your implants, regardless of the loud protests of your most beloved partner. Of course, if your partner is just saying this to make you feel good about yourself yet secretly harbors a strong desire for a spouse/girlfriend with huge gazongas, then your relationship might not be doomed post-surgery. At least, not immediately. (You two don’t communicate particularly well, do you?)

Digging Deeper

Now, we don’t know your individual disposition. If your man doesn’t really care either way, yet doesn’t want to go on record saying you should get breast implants, then… yay! You two can probably work together to find a great and natural looking option. Go forth and be merry with your fabulous new breast implants!

However, if he’s serious, and truly doesn’t find breast implants attractive, maybe it’s time to get to the bottom of those feelings. There are plenty of myths out there surrounding the idea of breast augmentation, ranging from “they’ll look fake” to “they won’t feel real.” Perhaps shedding a little truth on the subject would be enough to open his mind up to the idea of bigger boobs.

Plunging ahead and permanently altering your appearance when your partner specifically said that he doesn’t want you to do, though, only gives him the message: I don’t care what you find attractive, what you want, or what you think. Honestly, those aren’t the most romantic wedding vows.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting breast implants, and there’s nothing wrong with not finding them appealing. If you’re at an impasse, then your relationship might be too. Obviously, we’re pro plastic surgery, but that doesn’t mean everyone is. You’ll have to decide whether this is a hill—er, hills, rather—worth dying on.

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