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Skip the Photoshop and Filters! Here’s How Hand Rejuvenation Can Land You the Perfect Engagement Ring Selfie

Hand Rejuvenation

Hand Rejuvenation One of the many emerging Instagram trends is the posting of engagement ring selfies. While the size, cut and color of the stone is obviously of great social importance, the awesomeness of the ring is somewhat lessened if the hand wearing it is cracked, veiny, discolored or wrinkled. Gross.

Since the entire point of the selfie is to boost your ego and get people to desperately envy you, why on earth would you broadcast your feeble claws for the world to pity? You need some hand rejuvenation, missy.

Hand Rejuvenation

What is hand rejuvenation? Well, several things, depending upon your concern. Broadly, it’s a combination of procedures that smooth and reinvigorate the appearance of your hands. If you have thin skinned, spotty, large-veined, and/or wrinkled hands, you could see major improvements through hand rejuvenation.

  • For gaunt hands: Fat grafting uses liposuction to remove excess fat cells from one area of your body, which are then injected into the hands to create a smoother, more supple and youthful appearance.
  • For ugly veins: Sclerotherapy or laser vein treatments can both help prominent hand veins shrink and diminish.
  • For brown spots: Chemical peels reveal fresher, blemish-free skin, while laser resurfacing treatments can fade discoloration with only a little downtime.

Your engagement ring is a thing of intense beauty and profound meaning—why not give it the stunning engagement ring selfie it deserves? Give yourself the young, plump, even-toned hands of your youth with a rejuvenation treatment and nothing will detract from your moment in the sun.

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