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Skip the Boob Job: Here’s a T-Shirt to Boost Your Bust Size

objects under this T-shirt larger than they appear

Boost Your Bust SizeThinking about getting a boob job, but not quite sold yet? Well, now there’s a T-shirt that can make it look like you’ve got DDs, even if you’re really a member of the A-team.

Optical Illusions

A Japanese clothing brand called Error Code Works has finally developed what women all over the world have been waiting for: a T-shirt that doubles the size of your girls. It works by using carefully-placed shading and curved grid lines to create the illusion that you’ve got enormous knockers under your shirt, no matter how small they really might be.

Of course, it’s all just a clever optical illusion, and the design comes with one big catch. The shirt only has a breast enhancing effect when you look at it straight on. From the side, you’ve still got beestings. Oh, and did I mention that the going rate for this thing is about $40?

Fake It Till You Make It

If you’re still preparing for your breast augmentation and just can’t wait for your bigger ta-tas to take their shape, go ahead, give the fake boob job shirt a try in the meantime. But if you’re looking for a permanent size booster without surgery, you’re unfortunately going to come up short every time.

Your best bet is to call up a trusted board-certified plastic surgeon and set up a consultation about getting breast implants. This approach is going to offer a much longer-lasting and more effective solution to getting bigger boobs than any T-shirt is going to.

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Skip the Boob Job: Here's a T-Shirt to Boost Your Bust Size
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Skip the Boob Job: Here's a T-Shirt to Boost Your Bust Size
Want bigger boobs while you prepare for your breast augmentation? RaveBabe has the 411 on a T-shirt that makes you look like you’ve got a ginormous chest.
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