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Should You Worry about Morning Boob?

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BoobYou may think you know a lot about breast augmentation, particularly if you’ve been planning breast implants of your own, but what do you know about morning boob? It’s pretty common after breast augmentation and there’s almost nothing you can do to prevent it, but the good news is it’s absolutely nothing to worry about.

What is Morning Boob?

If you’ve had a baby and experienced engorged breasts, you’ll know exactly what morning boob feels like. After breast augmentation, your boobs can be tight and hard when you first wake up, a sensation which is completely harmless but can be a little concerning if you weren’t expecting it. Basically, it’s down to your chest muscles being used less than usual and tightening up a bit as a result. Morning boob is just one of the odd side effects you may notice.  

Morning boob is a completely normal phenomenon that occurs after breast augmentation, and will go away in time.

How Long Does Morning Boob Last?

If you’re in the throes of morning boob right now, you’ll be very glad to learn that it will go away, and that may happen sooner than you think. As your body heals after breast augmentation and your muscles settle into their new routine, morning boob will gradually ease off until it disappears once and for all after a few weeks.

What Can I Do to Help?

You can’t prevent morning boob after breast augmentation and you’ll need to wait for it to disappear itself, but you CAN ease it a little by stretching gently first thing in the morning (without overdoing it and hurting yourself, of course). You can also help yourself to avoid a bit of a shock by knowing in advance that you may feel morning boob when you exercise or have sex for the first time after your recovery period.

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