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Should You Take Vacation Boobs for a Test Drive?

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Test DriveIn the age of Snapchat, the idea of “now you see it, now you don’t” isn’t that unusual. Can this concept carry over to your breasts, though? Apparently, the answer is yes. And we’re not talking about legit alternatives to breast augmentation, like push-up bras. There’s a new procedure that promises to increase your breast size for real, but only temporarily.

Boobs for a Day

Recently, a New York plastic surgeon introduced vacation boobs to the world. You, too, can get brand new breasts in one quick non-surgical visit. A needle is used to inject saline solution into your breasts, making them instantly more voluptuous. Much like Cinderella with her gown and coach, though, you’ll only get to keep your new additions for one day.

Here Today Gone Tomorrow

    Once injected, the saline solution will very gradually disperse and your breasts will return to their previous size.

Since saline solution is literally salt water, it shouldn’t cause pose any kind of health concern. Remember, though: just as your bigger boobs will be gone the next day, so will the $2,500 you’ll have to shell out for them.

Imitation Is the Highest Form of Flattery

Are these one-day boob jobs turning women away from getting actual implants? Actually, quite the opposite. Most of the women who try these Cinderella boobs end up getting permanent breast augmentation. It’s like a test-drive. For breasts.

If you decide to try a pair of vacation boobs on for size, remember that the results may be different than what you would look like with implants – oh, and also remember that the FDA isn’t fully on board with this whole temporary cleavage thing just yet.

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