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Should You Take Breast Implant Sizers to the Gym First?

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Breast ImplantAs Khloe Kardashian aptly points out, bigger boobs make for excellent cleavage in a sports bra. While she may covet her sister’s voluptuous curves, Kim reminds her it’s not always easy living with big breasts. We don’t feel too sorry for her, but okay, she’s got a point. Before picking your breast implant size, why not do a test run to see how much weight and bounce you can handle? That’s exactly what Khloe did to prove she could rock a larger cup size.

Picking Breast Implant Size

Choosing the size of your implants may be the most difficult decision when it comes to breast augmentation. Of course, you want them to look natural, but with a little extra oomph, and, hello, cleavage! While bigger breasts look sexy, extra large implants can cause back problems or make working out more difficult. Here’s what we recommend prior to picking your breast implant size.

Experiment At the Gym

When you go for your consultation, ask if you can borrow a pair of realistic implants. Your cosmetic surgeon can show you how to position these sizers correctly in a sports bra to see how they will look and feel after your procedure. This experiment will help put your mind at ease prior to your breast augmentation. As part of your test run, make sure you complete your full gym routine to see if the extra mass bothers you while working out.

You should wear sizers for long stretches of time and during everyday activities, especially if you have an active lifestyle. Note any soreness in your back or other difficulties. If you can handle the additional volume, you should be able to enjoy your new curves and graduate from the Itty Bitty Titty Club without ever looking back!


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