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Should You Rush to the Plastic Surgeon Post-Partum?

Rush to the Plastic Surgeon

Rush to the Plastic SurgeonYou created and sustained life for 9 months. You endured indescribable pain to bring this baby from your belly out into the world. But never mind all that. The amazing feats of the female body and the new human it created don’t matter if you have a pooched tummy and droopy breasts. For shame, woman. Tidy that mess up STAT!

The “What, This Old Baby? I Found It in the Cabbage Patch” look is so hot right now. We want the miracle of life but heaven forbid we let our bodies bear the telltale signs. This is the reason why some women insist on going straight from the delivery room to the operating room. The demand for postpartum mommy makeovers is growing, which is a cause for concern.

A Little Patience

The desire to restore the body to its pre-baby shape is understandable, but there are several factors to consider before having a mommy makeover.

Picking up and holding your baby are common pastimes for new moms, which is something you can’t do if you’re recovering from a mommy makeover. Breastfeeding causes considerable changes in the breasts. Once nursing is complete, the breasts gradually decrease in size and can become saggy. The process takes time, which is why it’s important to wait at least 3 months after finishing breastfeeding before having any breast enhancement procedures done.

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

After a pregnancy, it takes several months for the body to stabilize. Stretched abdominal skin may contract and pregnancy weight gradually disappears. Ideal mommy makeover candidates are close to or at their target weight. Having the procedure done before you’ve achieved your goal weight would result in a poor outcome. And after all the effort it took to deliver your bundle of joy, don’t you deserve the best?

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