Boob Jobs

Should You Risk Your Life for a Cheaper Boob Job?

Cheaper Boob Job

No. Wow, that was the shortest blog post ever!Cheaper Boob Job

Seriously, you might think that you’re being frugal by shopping around in other countries for the very best deal in cosmetic surgery, but it just isn’t that simple. It’s true that there are some areas in life where corners can (and should) be cut. There’s no real reason to pay exorbitant amounts of money for, say, designer dog food. However, surgical procedures are entirely different, and require just a little more knowledge and skill than it takes to feed your dog.

Stay Close to Home

No one is implying that “foreign” automatically means shoddy, let alone fatal. However, a breast augmentation performed by a reputable cosmetic surgeon should cost pretty much the same amount of money the world over.

If you find some practitioner somewhere who charges remarkably lower rates than the standard price, RUN! Otherwise, you run the risk that these so-called clinics are using unregulated procedures and materials, and might not even be licensed to practice at all.

Save Now, Pay Later

It’s absolutely foolish to have any kind of medical procedure performed without being monitored by the same doctor afterwards. If you need your surgery revised, or (heaven forbid) go through some kind of complication, you’ll end up paying far more in the end than you would have if you’d gone with a local doc. Plus, hopping back on that 13-hour flight and arranging overseas accommodations in a timely enough fashion to prevent a prospective medical emergency is nothing if not tricky.

We all want to look our absolute best, but if the choice is between having a slightly smaller bra size and developing a fatal infection from a non-FDA approved silicone injection, we’ll keep our A cups any day.

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