Tummy Tucks

Should You Really Shoot for a Flat Tummy?

Woman in purple

Woman in purpleBeauty standards just never give us a break, do they? But as anyone knows, there’s a difference between an ideal and the reality, and the reality is that unless you’re going for the emaciated look, you really shouldn’t shoot for a flat tummy. Here’s why.

The Earth Isn’t Flat, and Neither Is Your Stomach

The truth is, even the thinnest of women don’t have a truly flat stomach. That’s because women store more fat cells around their bellies than men do. These fat cells help protect your baby during pregnancy as well as protect your reproductive organs, both important tasks. And that’s exactly why even very slender women have a softly rounded belly that appears natural, sensual and beautiful.

How to Contour the Perfect Abdomen

If you’re thinking of getting a tummy tuck to tone up your midsection, you’re in for a treat. Not only will a tummy tuck tighten any loose abdominal skin you have, but the procedure also pulls your abdominal muscles together for a fitter look. If you’re on the lookout for some more extensive contouring, however, you’d be wise to ask your surgeon about throwing a little liposuction into the mix.

Lipo can be used during a tummy tuck to minimize any lingering abdominal bulges and unwanted surface fat. But the trick when shaping the perfect abdomen is to keep the natural female anatomy in mind. The belly should appear youthful, fit and natural looking, complete with those soft feminine curves that help you look healthy and alluring.

So just say no to a flat tummy, and make sure your surgeon does too.

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