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Should You Quit Work to Get Plastic Surgery Full-Time?

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Plastic SurgerySo, you hate your job? Maybe you should quit and have plastic surgery as a full-time job. Pixee Fox (nope, probably not on her birth certificate) is from Sweden, and her official, allegedly-legitimate and super-dignified job title is, try not to laugh, “plastic surgery model.”

In Search of Cartoon Perfection

Ms. Fox started her transformation because she wasn’t happy with how she looked, which is ludicrous because she was beautiful. (Google it.) She’s had countless surgeries from breast augmentation to labiaplasty and butt lifts and says her ultimate goal is to look like a cartoon character. If you ask us, she’s well on her way. (Again, Google it.) Ms. Fox is constantly tucking and tweaking to more closely resemble Stripper Barbie and says she makes a living in between surgeries with modeling gigs.

So, How Vital Are Vital Organs?

At the top of Ms. Fox’ wish list is a freakishly small waist which she just couldn’t attain with all those annoying ribs she was born with. So, she set out to find a plastic surgeon who would remove some ribs but shockingly had a difficult time. Perhaps the curriculum in Swedish schools are lacking in the anatomy and physiology department or maybe Ms. Fox was just absent on the day they taught about the skeletal system is designed to protect the organs.

Anywho, she finally found ONE plastic surgeon willing to remove ribs. Turns out most plastic surgeons are WAY too preoccupied with monotonous details like, you know, patient safety and the protection of vital organs.

Don’t Quit Your Day Job

Boys and girls, let’s use Ms. Fox as a cautionary tale of how plastic surgery can go from beneficial to downright insane. Go ahead. Nip, tuck and lipo away (in moderation, of course). But please, keep your day job.

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