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Should You Pick Silicone or Saline for Your Sweet 16?

Silicone or Saline

mid section of a woman holding silicone implants There’s a South American phenomenon of 16-year-old girls (and younger) desperately clamoring for breast augmentation—so much so that in one case, a girl joined a cartel to get the money to pay for her boob job. It’s estimated that 40 percent of all cosmetic surgeries in Colombia are performed on girls under the age of 18. This isn’t entirely surprising. Teenagers are also responsible for the popularity of Justin Bieber; good judgment isn’t their strong suit.

While we’re all for getting whatever cosmetic procedure that floats your boat when you’re an adult, it’s a far different kettle of fish when you’re just a kid. Although teenagers seem fully-formed (and heaven knows they’ll tell you they are if you ask them), they actually aren’t.

The truth is, the body isn’t necessarily finished developing at 16. Many girls find that their breasts continue to grow until the early 20s. Furthermore, as mature as teenagers think they are, biologically they are anything but.

Teen Delusion

Teenagers have extremely poor impulse control. They aren’t yet capable of making well-reasoned decisions, and are way too prone to risk-taking. Just because a teenager is adamant about having bigger breasts at this exact moment doesn’t mean that her implants will still be welcome after the teen stops being a teen.

Emotional maturity is essential to making cosmetic surgery decisions, and teenagers are inherently without it. If you have a teenage daughter who is tearfully begging for breast implants, don’t give in. She’ll be 18 soon enough, and if she can pay for it, it’s up to her. If that’s still too young for your emotional comfort, relax—she likely won’t be able to pay for it. Just do your best to keep her away from any cartels.

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