Vajayjay Treatments

Should You Give Your Vajajay a Vampire Treatment?

female body

female bodyIf you happen to be in the United Kingdom and have £800 you’re anxious to get rid of, why not saunter into Dr. Daniel Sister’s Clinic and have a Vajacula treatment? Because it sounds like the worst possible cross between a horror film and your lady bits? Fair enough. But what if the technology could actually rejuvenate your vaginal tissue on top of boosting your libido and allowing for longer, stronger orgasms?

Bet that crazy name sounds less scary now!

PRP Repurposed

The idea behind this injection-based procedure, dubbed the O-Shot™ here in the States, uses the same principle as a reasonably successful treatment used for healing arthritic or injured joints.

First, blood is collected from the patient, and is then spun down to separate out the platelet-rich plasma (PRP). This plasma is injected back into the target area—in this case, around the clitoris and in the upper vaginal wall—and the healing growth factors immediately get to work revitalizing the tissue. This is actually the same process used for Kim Kardashian’s famous ‘vampire facials.’

The O-Shot™ is relatively quick (roughly 30 minutes), and women can return to their normal daily activities immediately afterwards. The results are said to last approximately 18 months, but occasionally patients return for an additional treatment within one year.

If you want your vagina to be the powerhouse it used to be, by all means investigate the benefits of the O-Shot™… or the Vajacula treatment, or the Rejuvulva, or by whatever name it’s going by this week. Purported to help improve issues ranging from inability to achieve orgasm to dyspareunia (painful intercourse), PRP just might be the vaginal rejuvenation of the future.

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