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Should You Give Mommy & Me Plastic Surgery a Chance?

mom with adult daughter

Mommy-daughter plastic surgery is already a weird idea, but this family takes it to the next level. To sum up:

  • Mother & daughter both want to look like model Katie Price
  • Daughter is a stripper with a sugar daddy who’s subsidizing their boob jobs
  • Correction: daughter is looking for a new sugar daddy, because the last one got found out by his wife

We hardly know where to start with this.Plastic Surgery

Sky’s the Limit…Or Is It?

We’ve heard about all kinds of weird plastic surgery cases in the past, but we really recommend that no one under any circumstances should invest in plastic surgery in order to look like a celebrity. Katie Price might have breast implants, but does that need you need them too? Of course not. And this goes double for your mother.

They say that the sky is the limit, but you definitely shouldn’t really take this advice when it comes to plastic surgery. Instead, we recommend the classic “moderation is key” motto for enhancing your appearance.

One Step at a Time

But say you want to make multiple improvements—and your mother does too. Is achieving your/her dream look completely out of the question? Not at all. Just make sure you’re moving forward sensibly, one step at a time.

    Plastic surgeons always recommend going one step at a time, improving a single area and then moving on to another one.

Having realistic expectations definitely helps, too.

And always remember, no matter what procedures you want to have done, consulting a board-certified plastic surgeon is a must.

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